Mac Software

Having a Mac is great, but the proper software allows you to get the best user experience possible. That may mean adding word processing, photo and video editing, personalization or gaming programs to the device, all of which can run seamlessly on a powerful-enough machine.Most of the Mac line focuses on strength and portability, and being able to integrate a PC experience onto an Apple product is one of the best features available for users of both kinds of technology. Running parallel desktops with Parallels allows a user to have both a Mac and a PC experience at the same time on one machine.Microsoft Office Mac allows Mac users access to the most popular suite of Microsoft Office programs available, including PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, Access and Documents. This package is available for basic users, as well as student or professional versions to accommodate those with more specific needs and uses for the software. There are even font packages that allow for more customization of banners, fliers and other documents created in these formats.Graphic design and drawing are also easy with specialized programs. Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop offer custom packages just for Mac users, and even AutoCAD gets suites from Autodesk. Music maestros also have software to help create and record tracks, mix tapes and create custom sounds. Video editors get a share of the action too, with suites from roxio that allow cropping, special effects and even transfer of files from older formats to DVD.Of course, protecting a Mac is also a huge responsibility, and custom software exists to meet this end. Symantec and Trend Micro have programs specifically designed to cope with the burgeoning online threat to the infrastructure that exists for Apple products. Installing custom art, text and creativity programs is one thing, but unless you look into protecting them as well, the whole investment could be lost to a wayward Trojan.